Monday, August 13, 2007

A Non-Posty Post*

Because a couple of you have commented things like, "Hey! You still alive over there in Seattle?," I am writing this here non-posty post just to answer that question.

I am alive. And well.


I have had many, many houseguests over the past 2 months. And I have had little time for writing blogs, and have fallen woefully behind on reading yours as well.

So, to keep you from forgetting about me (e.g., you check my site faithfully for a few weeks, maybe even for a month, but then you get weary of seeing the same old post, stale and mildewing like bread gone bad, and you summarily delete me from Favorites, and move on with your other blog lovers who treat you better), I will share this secret: a blogger's best friend is Google Reader.

Oh The Joys knows it. She mentioned it once a while ago when I was new to the blog scene and it soared with a whooosh, right passed my brain, failing to hit target.

But, in perfect timing, just as I was getting overwhelmed with all of the blog bookmarks I'd created-- the constant checking and rechecking for new posts from all of you-- Little Monkies told me about Google Reader. You "I attended Blogher" uber-cool types will no doubt think this old news. But for the one starfish that I throw back into the sea...

Go to and type in your google or G-mail password. Then you can start adding blogs by pushing the "browse" button. If you're savvy enough to even have a blog, it will take you 30 seconds to figure this out. Once you've put in your favorite blog buddies' addresses, save Google Reader to your desktop as a shortcut. This way, each time you open it, it will sent a million little internet people out to each site and check it for new content. If something new shows up, it will be marked unread just like email. If not (LIKE MINE HAS BEEN), it will just wait patiently for the guests to leave so that it can mark something-- ANYTHING (even a non-posty post about Google Reader) for your fans.

Now, if anyone out there can tell me how to keep this dorky blogspot editor from adding tons of paragraph breaks each time I add photos to a post, I'd be most grateful.

(*Complete with updated kids-with-sunglasses photos for your viewing pleasure. I know, I've gone all out!)


Seattle Mamacita said...

that pic of E is too much!!! it was great catching up with you Friday we have to do it again.

bgirl said...

love the photos...and see you are on my google reader and happily i clicked right to your site.

i have NO idea how to format once i add photos, it takes me forever to kill all those breaks it adds in. makes me NUTS!

thanks for the after party in the loft. love my ladies.

Daisy said...

*in my best Frankenstein voice*

She's ALIVE!!!
She's ALIVE!!!

I'll have to check out the reader. I did NOT know this. Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh, The Joys said...

Next time you'll listen to my words the first time. Now go to your room.

Ha ha.

Can't help it. The Mayor is pushing my mommy BUTTONS!

(I love Google Reader.)

slouching mom said...

yep, i am a happy Reader.

cute pictures!

good to hear from you!

jen said...

there you are. i have missed you.

i just got google reader. it rocks.

Lori said...

But what else would I do with my time if I didn't have to click through all of my favorite blogs?? :) Yes, I have heard of this fancy Google Reader you speak of, and one of these days I will probably break down and try it. But until then, know that I faithfully check your site and silently weep every time there isn't a new post. Okay, maybe I don't weep, but my eyes are teary. Okay, no tears, but I feel super sad. Okay, not exactly sad... but it is definitely more fun when there is something new from you!

Julie Pippert said...

Oh Bub and Pie had some info about that space issue. Don't know where!

Adorable photos. :)

I use a reader and was happy to seen an update from you. Of course, these things fail now and again so I had to check in, anyway.

So are you all set (as in finished) with guests?

Ravin' Picture Maven

painted maypole said...

just this morning I was thinking i had to get myself some google reader or bloglines or SOMETHING. Okay, Okay. I'll do it.

Emily said...

There you are!

And, yes, you found one loser who did not know about google reader. I'm an idiot. I will do it this week.

Missed you!

Mamma said...

Glad you're back!!

Jen M. said...

I'm one of your starfish ;)

Ironically, I'm using that same quote for a project I'm working on funny. Thanks for the tip ;)