Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Birthday Haiku: To Grandpa with Love

Sing "to work to work,"
the hungry babes must be fed.
He marries the soil.

Child with no mother
learns to shoulder mothering
the crops on the land.

He sings in the fields,
coaxes food where there was none;
blows snot in the dirt.

He battles the land,
bugs and pests and government.
He calls for a truce.

His white flag waving,
he emerges from the loam,
feeling he has failed.

He trades in the plow,
receives books and a backpack,
a powerful pen.

He sings now of peace,
of love for all humankind.
He's friend of the birds.

In his chair (I hope)
he breathes sighs of contentment
for all he has done.


Amy said...

Good timing! I just posted a blog about my Grandma! There is so much to say I think I should do more. (I'm assuming you posted about a family member and not someone else's Grandpa.) I'm glad you're posting again because I've been checking regularly!

Lori said...

Wow. That is beautiful. I hope you shared that with him.

Now I want to know more about him!

Pate Family said...

So sweet. What an interesting life he has led, I wonder what he would have done if he hadn't come from a family of farmers. While on the subject of your grandparents, at Christmas time this year for some reason when I saw your Grandma Tash I got teary-eyes. Now that my grandparents are all gone there is something emotional for me about older people in M-F. And she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.

Little Monkies said...

Chills. I get it. :)

bgirl said...

beautiful ally...such a kind tribute.

Kendra Joy said...

This is beautiful, Allyson. I would not be surprised if Grampa found a way to print this off and read it to everyone who will listen! :) I know he will cherish it. I only wish I could write poetry, or haiku, but I'll leave that to you and grampa. ;) Anyway, beautifully done, and a perfect description of a deep man. I especially liked the "blows snot in the dirt" part; brings back such memories ...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, sister. Humorous, yet poignant and deep. I love it. I know Grandpa will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like these. Nicely done!