Friday, May 30, 2008

On my 34th Birthday

It's a strange feeling to reach the age my mother was when she died. In a few days I'll be older than she ever was. Simply put: much too young to die.

Thus, this year was no ordinary birthday for me.

As a gift, Tobin researched, hired, and paid a piano tuner to coax my old upright piano back to melodic perfection. To me, this celebrated the positive ways in which I take after my mother.

And to honor the myriad of ways that I am different from my mother, I gave myself a gift: I researched, hired, and paid to have my nose pierced.

Lean in closer, and receive the message that my pierced nose proclaims:

I am young.
I embrace change.
I am beautiful.
I am happy with who I am.
I am alive.


bgirl said...

happy happy birthday beautiful succulent amazing ally!

i am dying that you pierced your nose only because i want to re-do mine and just sent my niece a note to see if she knew a place i could go. now i just need you to tell me where to go!

KC said...

Happy birthday!!!!

LOVE the nose piercing. Jealous.

Bon said...

happy birthday, Ally. what a rich post, poignant with the recognition of how much your mother left behind and how early, and how much is ahead of you to embrace.

the nose looks cool, dude.

Summer said...

Happy Birthday my friend. Now let's get tattoo's! Oh wait, I'm too scared.

I think we should have a piano concert next Easter.


slouching mom said...

happy birthday, ally.

wonderful, both gifts.

rock on, friend.

Duck Doc said...

I was all set to send you a birthday message and totally forgot. Hope you had a great day. Have you lost weight? You look great and I like the nose ring on you! It fits and it does say all of those things, although you already oozed those things before the ring. Happy birthday, cous

Little Monkies said...

Breathe in the beautiful life you have created and the beautiful person you are. I so love you. May 34 be rich and full! And, yes, I love the nose piercing. You are so damn cool!

Kendra Joy said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful cousin! The nose piercing suits you well - adorable. Also, have you lost weight recently? You look fabulous!

Much love on your 34th... may there be many more where it came from.

Julie Pippert said...

I love your proclamation.

And happy birthday---so glad that you had a special celebration of you and the bits of your mother in you, on this special one.

Seattle Mamacita said...

hip mama! love the nose piercing i used to have my belly button pierced and when I got pregnant it just popped right out...can't wait to raise a glass to you in person tomorrow! Feliz cumpleanos. May your generous spirit come back to you tenfold in this special year of your life.

Kate said...

found this blog by chance....and simply love your posts...and the nose ring. We just entered the world of zone defense five months ago....whoever said the transition from one to two was the hardest was eaither a) lying, b) wondermom, or c) only had two children:)

Jenn said...

How beautiful and heartbreaking all in the same moment.

Happy birthday.